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Tempus fugit, said Virgil, and wine must fly with it. The ancient Classica region may form the core of Valpolicella’s traditions and reputation, but the wider allargata area is full of exciting, innovative winemakers who are every bit as engaged with the land and the old ways, whose renown is growing and who are expanding awareness of what Valpolicella wine can be, in all its potential.

Perhaps represent this fearless frontier spirit more than the tiny boutique winery of Le Guaite di Noemi in Mezzane di Sotto. Began as a small olive grove by Stefano Pizzighella, the purchase of vineyards in 2002 (especially of the high-altitude hilltopping Le Guaite vineyard) led to expansion into wine territory, since when their standing has grown and grown in both sectors. These days it is daughter Noemi, who took the reins in 2016 after having helped on the farm since the age of 8, who is responsible for the winemaking, and has fast established herself as one of the most exciting young winemakers around.

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