Amarone & Valpolicella Wines by Tenute Ugolini

Tenute Ugolini, nestled in the heart of Valpolicella, Italy, is a winery rich in family heritage and tradition. Spanning generations, the Ugolini family, consisting of four siblings – Davide, Tiziano, Stefania, and Giambattista – has cultivated a deep connection with their land in Fumane, the smallest and, as Giambattista believes, the most authentic valley of Valpolicella. Their journey into winemaking began in 1996 after their father Angelo’s passing, transforming their practice from grape cultivation for sale to producing their own distinguished wines, with their first bottles of Valpolicella and Amarone debuting in 2010 under the UGOLINI label.

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The family’s dedication to quality viticulture is evident in their meticulous approach to sustainable farming. They prioritize environmental harmony, adopting practices like green manuring to enrich the soil naturally and fostering biodiversity within their vineyards. This ecological consciousness not only nurtures a balanced ecosystem but also imbues their wines with unique characteristics, a testament to the family’s belief that the environment shapes a wine’s personality.

The winery boasts 22 hectares of vineyards, primarily planted with Corvina gentile, Corvinone, Rondinella, and other native Valpolicella varietals. Their olive groves in the Fumane valley contribute to the production of three distinct extra virgin olive oils. The vineyards vary in their training systems, from the traditional Veronese half pergola in the foothills to the espalier in the high hills, reflecting the diversity and depth of their viticultural practices.

Each vineyard at Tenute Ugolini tells a unique story:

– **Pozzetto**: The eldest vineyard, cradling the family home, where the journey began.
– **San Michele**: Known for its elegance and aromatic complexity, a testament to the family’s dedication to quality.
– **Monte Solane**: A scenic vineyard that intertwines with the beauty of Lake Garda and the Dolomites.
– **Valle Alta**: Perched on a hill, it mirrors the energy of Nature in its wines.
– **Valle Lena**: Set amid a wild yet gentle landscape, this vineyard is a haven of ancestral charm and pristine beauty.

The Villa San Michele, a panoramic rural courtyard near the winery, serves as the heart of their operations. Acquired in 2014, it has been transformed into a welcoming space for wine enthusiasts, featuring various tasting rooms:

– **The Blue Room**: An exclusive space adorned with historical artifacts.
– **The Red Room**: Dedicated to the Archangel Michael, blending history with elegance.
– **The Ancient Kitchen**: A cozy, intimate tasting room steeped in medieval history.
– **The Ivory Room**: A modern yet rustic space for larger gatherings.
– **The Ivory Hall**: An outdoor portico offering an organic vision of the surrounding land.
– **The Wine Garden**: A summer terrace providing breathtaking views of the Valpolicella landscape.

Tenute Ugolini is more than just a winery; it is a fusion of history, tradition, and passion, where each bottle of wine is a narrative of the family’s dedication to their land and the art of winemaking.

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Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Classico “Valle Alta” 2012

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Valpolicella Doc Classico Superiore “San Michele” 2016

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