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Explore the richness of Italian wines with Vineria all’Amarone’s Clubs, offering an array of regional favorites, Valpolicella’s finest, and Italy’s elite selections. Our Italian Wine Club introduces a diverse collection of regional specialties, including sparkling Proseccos and robust Chiantis. The Amarone Wine Club takes you through the depths of Valpolicella, showcasing the complexity of Amarone. For an exclusive experience, The Italian Excellence Wine Club provides rare and prestigious wines, like Super Tuscans and historic Brunellos. All members enjoy benefits like complimentary shipping and private tastings in Venice, with expert guidance from our certified sommeliers. Join us in celebrating Italian wine excellence


Discover Italy's Finest Wines with Our Exclusive Wine Clubs

Welcome to a world where each bottle tells a story of Italy's rich winemaking tradition. Vineria all'Amarone's Wine Clubs offer a unique exploration into the heart of Italian wines.

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The Italian Wine Club

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$702.70 / 4 months$1 945.95 / year
SizeBottles: 36 Bottles per Year VintageTiming: Shipped in cases of 12, in April, September and November. Aging Shipments: Free Shipments, 100% Insured, Temperature isolated & shock resistant packaging. Prizes Other Benefits: Exclusive access to Tasting Room in Venice with complimentary wine & cheese tasting, exciting extras with Each Shipments.
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The Amarone Wine Club

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$1 070.27 / 4 months$3 027.03 / year
SizeBottles: 36 Bottles per Year VintageTiming: Shipped in cases of 12, in April, September and November. GrapesWine Type: Join The Amarone Wine Club for an exclusive selection of Valpolicella's finest, including Amarone. Enjoy top vintages, complimentary shipping, private tastings in Venice, and unique producer interactions. A curated journey for Amarone enthusiasts.Aging Shipments: Free Shipments, 100% Insured, Temperature isolated & shock resistant packaging. Prizes Other Benefits: Exclusive access to Tasting Room in Venice with complimentary wine & cheese tasting, exciting extras with Each Shipments.
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Vineyard Discoveries

Sommeliers in Search of Italy's Finest Wines

Our dedication to offering the best in our Wine Clubs is rooted in our continuous exploration of Italy's vineyards. Our team of Italian certified sommeliers regularly embarks on journeys across the country, visiting wineries both famous and undiscovered. These visits are crucial for us to learn directly from the vineyards, understand the winemaking process, and uncover new, exceptional wines. This hands-on approach ensures our Wine Clubs are always enriched with fresh, exciting selections, reflecting the evolving landscape of Italian viticulture.


Got Questions? We've Got Answers! Dive into our F.A.Q. section for insights into our Wine Clubs, shipping policies, and how we maintain the highest standards for our selections. Everything you need to know about enjoying your wine experience with us is right here.


How many Wine Clubs do you offer?
We offer three distinctive Wine Clubs: The Italian Wine Club, The Amarone Wine Club, and The Italian Excellence Wine Club, each focusing on different aspects of Italian wines.
What is the payment structure for the Wine Clubs?
All our Wine Clubs are prepaid yearly, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for our members.
How often are wines delivered to club members?
Members of The Italian and Amarone Wine Clubs receive three cases of 12 bottles each year in April, September, and November. The Italian Excellence Wine Club members receive a total of 18 bottles per year, also in these months.
What makes The Italian Wine Club special?
Priced at €1800 per year, The Italian Wine Club offers a custom selection of Italy’s finest wines including Sparkling, Whites, Reds, and a special Reds-only assortment, along with complimentary shipping, private tasting rooms access, and other unique benefits.
What does The Amarone Wine Club offer?
For €2800 per year, this club focuses on Amarone and Valpolicella wines, offering exclusive selections, complimentary shipping, private tastings, and more, including a special meet-the-producer experience.
Can you tell me about The Italian Excellence Wine Club?
This is an on-request membership providing access to Italy’s most prestigious wines, including Super Tuscans, Brunellos, Barolo & Barbaresco, and Amarone. It includes all benefits of the other clubs, plus concierge sommelier service and exclusive events.
Are there any special experiences offered to club members?
Yes, members enjoy unique experiences like private wine and cheese tastings, access to private tasting rooms in Venice, and the opportunity to meet wine producers. The Excellence Club also offers an annual meeting and travel services for wine destinations in Italy.


How do you maintain wine quality in your cellar?

We ensure the quality of our wines through a meticulously temperature-controlled cellar with minimal light exposure, ideal for wine preservation. Additionally, wines remain on our shelves for only a brief period, thanks to our extensive global shipping and the high rotation at our local wine bar and shop.

Are shipping costs included in Wine Club memberships?
Yes, all shipping costs are included in the Wine Club prices, ensuring a seamless experience for our members.
What type of shipping do you use for wine deliveries?
We use express shipping for all orders, guaranteeing minimal travel time to maintain the wine’s integrity.
What happens if my wine delivery is damaged or lost?
In the rare event of damage or loss, we insure 100% of the cost and will promptly re-ship the bottles to ensure your satisfaction.
How are the wines packaged for shipment?
Our wine bottles are shipped in shock and temperature excursion-proofed boxes, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.
Can I delay my wine shipment or change the delivery address?
Yes, we offer flexibility in delaying shipments or changing delivery addresses, though this may incur an additional cost.
About Vineria all’Amarone
Our Wine Bar
in Venice, Italy

Vineria all’Amarone specializes in selecting & selling the best Amarone & Valpolicella wines. We regularly visit the region to get to know new producers, understanding their values and often directly purchase their products. We own a Wine Bar & Wine shop in Venice city center and we decided to put our inventory online. We currently ship to Europe only but stay tuned as we are working on selling worldwide soon!

Discover our “Cantina”
Our Next Door
Wine Shop
We mentioned our next door Wine Shop, or as we call it, our “Cantina”. Here’s where we keep our treasures, our beloved Italian wines. As you already know we focus on the Valpolicella Wine Region in Veneto, but we also sell many Italian prestigious wines such as Brunello di Montalcino, Barolo, Sassicaia & many others. The wine shop can also be used for small private gathering and for private Wine tastings with our Sommelier (maximum 7 people).

Amarone Blog: The Art & Passion

Discover the world of Amarone through our dedicated blog. We delve deep into the heart of this iconic wine, exploring its unique winemaking process, rich history, and the passionate vintners behind each bottle. Join us in celebrating the allure and complexity of Amarone, a true jewel of Italian viticulture.

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